Rearranging Rooms

NOV 12, 2017    JAN 4, 2018

Project 1628

1628 Bolton St Baltimore MD

Through large-scale paintings and installation, Katie Pumphrey’s work explores the tension between movement and stillness. With turbulent brushstrokes on paper and canvas, and the suggestion of imagery or reference of space, her work examines themes of confrontation, reflex, territory, and instinct.
In this new body of work, Pumphrey explores the repeated process of settling into a space or moment, making it your own, and finding comfort — only to have the situation change. You lose control, the lights go out, a wave comes — the moment forces the meter to reset, and yet again, you have to start from the beginning. You find yourself in a dark room or an overwhelming space, and you scramble to find your footing and move forward. These moments shift over and over again. You rearrange the room, ease the tension, and harness the chaos. 
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