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  • Triple Crown of Marathon Swimming!

    On August 10th, I swam the Catalina Channel & became the 194th person (and 72nd woman!) in the world to complete the Triple Crown of Marathon Swimming!! 👑 👑 👑

    The Triple Crown consists of three big swims...the English Channel, Around the island of Manhattan, and the Catalina Channel. 
    -English Channel / 14 hours 19 min, Aug 2015
    -Around the island of Manhattan / 8 hours 11 min, June 2017
    -Catalina Channel / 13 hours 4 min, Aug 2018
    I started swimming competetively when I was 5 & have fallen more and more in love with the sport ever since. I swam through high school, but when I decided to study art at MICA vs studying somewhere with an athletics program, I started training on my own. My first open water swim with the Chesapeake Bay Swim in 2010. It was 4.4 miles & I loved it. From there I did several longer swims, and eventually set my sights on the English Channel. With the support of my amazing husband, family, friends, and an awesome swimming community, this sport has continued to be a major part of my life. 
    The swims I do definitely impact my paintings and continue to be the biggest driver of exploration in my work. ✨