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  • DC Arts Center's Sparkplug Artist Collective

    I was recently accepted into the DC Arts Center's Artist Collective program, Sparkplug


    About the program: 

    In meeting with artists while selecting exhibitions for the gallery, DCAC's Visual Arts Committee found that many artists were working in a vacuum. The camaraderie, friendly criticism, and community they experienced in art school were no longer available. We decided to try to create a structure in which artists could work as a collective and perhaps regain, or even experience for the first time, a support network that would stimulate their work and give them access to artists of like minds.

    In 2007, Sparkplug was launched as DCAC's artists collective.

    Every two years, participants are sought from all communitites in the Washington, DC area to bring together artists from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences in order to foster their development as individuals and as a group. About 10 members participate for 2 years, meeting on a monthly basis to critique each other's work, discuss exhibitions around the area, and visit each other's studios. Through this process they try to find common ground and further their practice.

    DC Arts Center offers members of Sparkplug a place to meet, helps to organize studio visits, provides opportunitites to hone presentation skills, and make connections with arts professionals such as curators, collectors, and established artists. In addition, DCAC organizes two curated Sparkplug exhibitions: one each year.