Five More Minutes features all new work by Baltimore artist, Katie Pumphrey. Through large scale paintings and installation, Pumphrey’s work explores the tension between calm and chaos. With turbulent brushstrokes and the suggestion of imagery or reference of space, her work examines the repeated process of settling into a place or moment, making it your own, and finding comfort — only to have the situation change.

This two-part exhibition, Five More Minutes, explores the anxiety, excitement, panic, and even monotony that comes from just five more minutes. Calm shifts to chaos and seconds fly by. Time drags on and you push further into the unknown. Five more minutes. Stay here for just five more minutes. You have only five more minutes. You still have five more minutes. Wait, just five more minutes. In five more minutes. Please, just five more minutes. Only five more minutes. Five more minutes. 

Susan Calloway Fine Arts
June 2 - July 21, 2018

Opening Reception: June 2, 5 - 8pm
Artist Talk: June 16, 11am
Closing Reception: July 21, 5 - 8pm

{1643 Wisconsin Ave NW Washington, DC}

June 7 - July 22, 2018

Opening Reception: June 10, 4 - 6pm
Artist Talk: July 15, 1:30pm
Closing Reception: July 22, 2 - 4pm

{201 Prince St Alexandria, VA}


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